“Art that carries hope and peace in increasingly chaotic times.”

My paintings are a celebratory response to the beauty of the created world and within the human heart interpreted in semi abstract expressionist style. I create strong, bold acrylic paintings and gentle delicate watercolours. Unique style aspects in both mediums include fluid lines inspired by Japanese design and Art Nouveau integrating organic motifs and iconic symbols: petals, leaves, shells, seeds, pebbles, crosses, circles and hearts – universally evocative of hope, peace, stillness and joy.

I render these in an authentically personal way by incorporating mixed media elements derived from other creative pursuits. A lifetime of working with fabrics , fibres and paper craft enables collaged and stitched fragments of silk, cotton, lace and handmade paper to be worked together with paint.

I have discovered an intuitive connection between my identity and my creativity. My given name, lovingly chosen, is Angela – which means ‘messenger.’ Angels tell the truth, and carry words of comfort and healing. They are courageous in faith. These values and attributes are hopefully evident in my relationships with others and in my paintings! Viewers comment on the joyful, calming qualities they carry: they have been described as ‘visions of hope.’

Skill and visual perception alone may result in pretty pictures but the memorable and outstanding require the engagement of one’s entire being. Faith and listening to the inner voice by prayerful meditation and attention to dreams are vital components of my creative process.

By learning to ‘see with my ears, feel with my mind and know with my heart’* I create holistically: work satisfying to artist and viewer because it carries an essence beyond what is seen. I find unlimited freedom and inspiration within the parameters of goodness, truth and beauty revealed to me: aspiring to create and share images of enduring value.

* Anon. Translated by Joann Davis in The Book of the Shepherd, ISBN 978 0 06 1732.30 0 (1953, second edition 2009)